Specialized IT- and Logistic applications with Excel and without

LOG-IT-EX stands for the key areas of my professional life.  The application background is in container- shipping and port operation -, warehouse logistic, equipement and staff resource allocation (optimization) and seaport payroll accounting, also with large experience in the areas project management (IPMA), process analysis and creation of IT concepts. Since 2006 I'm freelancing as senior IT-consultant and project manager.

My regional and organizational focus are projects in Germany, Europe and worldwide for medium sized (500 – 5.000 users) like shipping companies and sea ports and large organizations (with more than 10.000 user) like E.ON AG and HP GmbH as well.

When people talk about numbers

  • information scientist think on databases
  • mathematician on algorithms
  • business application users on Excel

It is always a challenge to create an IT-system and do it in a way the user easly understands his program. The challange is bringing people of different cultures and different communication backgrounds together.

In such a context it’s always a good idea to develope a prototype and adjust it step by step according to the needs of an application. I like the idea of agile programming. With standard tools business solutions can be created without programming and by best practices. When requirements become more complex I like working together with a network of partners that has built up during my professional life.

I do my best every day, to satisfy the needs of my customers.

Due to my scientific education (focus on mathematic and economy) I’m also interested in abstract topics like mathematical optimization and logic. Read more under Sudoku by Logic