Data management | Data integrity | Data quality

Importance of data-management (DM) is still often underestimated. DM can contribute to success or failure of a company. Data quality is precondition for use of business intelligence (BI). Enterprises spent large amounts of money to improve their processes by BI. The achieved results can only be as good as the quality of the data input.

Many BI projects are suffering from a bad data quality and significantly stay behind their project goals because of bad data quality. Contradicting and inconsistent data expose companies to multiple risks. This leads in consequence to increasing cost. 

High data quality is contributing to a higher return of investment. To resolve such problems a prefer use of Excel and analysis services. The project sample is from a food store chain (7 markets) located in Stuttgart area. The project was about cleaning up and homogenising a decentralised article and price master database and implementing a centralised merchandise management system based on a central database.

Before implementation (decentralised and inconsistent) 

The project was initiated by the food store chain Erdi in Stuttgart. The company was using three different decentralised merchandise management systems with different versions. Part of the project was to prepare an inventory of all available articles in system and on stock for 5 markets, to match step by step matching articles against a newly created and amended central databse for all individual markets by use of handy scanners and matching against the system stock. Also a comparison of the differnt pricing databases was  performed and a central database was created. The existing database was amended by important keys (e.g. commodity groups) and the new pricing concept was calibrated. Each market had about 5,000 articles from a pool of 30,000 deliverables from about 10 different suppliers.

After implementation (centralised system and corrected database)

The grafic demonstrates how the implementation of a centralised merchandise management system (Bio-Office) can improves the order management, reduce stocks and optimize pricing by a global view of sales (Renner-Penner-Liste).