Optimization of ressource allocation (human ressources and equipement)

Probelm description: In a fictive disposition unit of seaport the daily shift strength is calculated. The company is using a five shift model (1. shift, 2. shift , night shift and some special shifts) common for many ports. The ressource allocation per hour is dependend on the actual turnover of goods, what is calculated in a front-system. The mixed-integer calculation model is calculating a valid and cost-optimized shift-strength under consideration of overtimes and the alternative assignment of workers from external companies. The calculation is done by the Excel standard solver and without any coding.


optimale-Schichtgroesse1.xls  - Excel 2000 or higher

The tool: The Excel sample sheet can simulate by a random generator different and realistic start conditions. Each simulation can be resolved by using the  excel standard solver. The solution process is supported by a macro. The handling is documented in the excel sheet. Pls note that macros might or might not be activated on your individual PC system.