My Services

After more than 25 years experience in IT (5 years freelancing) you can see me more as a senior IT generalist rather than an expert for a highly specialised IT-technology. I like working in international context and international teams. My working language is English of course. My services are

  • Interims management
  • Project management
  • IT Coordination
  • Prozess analysis
  • Data management
  • Weak-point analysis
  • Prototyping especially in Excel
  • Redesign of application
  • Database and application design

My regional focus is home office Bremerhaven (triangle Breme- Hamburg - Hannover) and regional office in Filderstadt (rectangle Frankfurt - Würzburg - Nürnberg - Stuttgart). For project 3+ months I work nation- and europewide on individual agreement for travel expenses.

My standard term is the hourly - all in - rate. I give estimates for specific IT-solutions on request , if there is a match to my operational background and when you give me good explantion of your problem - e.g. in Excel. But don't blame me, if I come back and quote for an anlysis phase depending on the complexity of the problem and working out the requirements in details, if there is a need before.
E.g. for payroll accouting (ports) and container, warehouse and optimization I've successfully developped specific logistic applications exceeding three man years developement time.